Various photos taken to artists and performers, before going on stage.


Lucas GC

I love that moment backstage, when artists are getting ready. First because you can sneak a peek at what happens behind the curtain. And secondly (and even more interesting as far as I am concerned) everybody is all psyched out, wether it be nerves, not having enough time to finish make up and having to go out with eyeliner on just one eye, or that in the rush they mess it up and have a Picasso style makeup, or if they forgot some item of their outfit and are trying to improvise something with somebody elses larger (or smaller) one, or if they slept last night in a corkscrew position and the flandicular muscle hurts, or if they stepped on dog doo while getting to the theater and slipped twisting their ankle and are worried the pain will cause them to fail trip and break their necks, or if their unbearable mother is in the audience and they can't surmount what kind of stupid mistake she'll see in their performance (the ones only mothers can see), or if the guy they don't get along with is going to push them in the part where they have to jump and do a triple back summersault while juggling chainsaws (all true stories)... Suffice to say they have bigger things to worry about than the guy moving around snapping photos. So you become sort of invisible and move around like and omniscient observer that can watch and snap while they let their guard down and show themselves a bit more like how they really are. Of course, there are some people that have experience and less worries, and those are the ones you talk to and befriend.

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