About me

I'm a photographer and cinematographer. I live in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (Argentina), although work (and my will) takes me around. I studied several years in the University of Buenos Aires (Image and Sound Design) and I finished studying Cinematography at the Argentinean Cinenatographic Industry Union School (CFP SICA). I also complemented my learning and formation with various courses and workshops on photography and related subjects, and I work professionally in the area since 2008. To this day, my work on photo and video pays the bills, so I guess I can't complain. My specialty in photography is dance and also experimental (which is a flashy way of saying "toying around with lights and cameras). I also take my camera around whenever I travel. In the audiovisual world I work as a cinematographer, photographer and camera operator. Let's see what else I can put in here... I like romantic movies, long walks on the beach and the color green (no to all those). Some day I want to go to the moon. Or Jersey, I heard it's nice but I never went.

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